Design and Manufacture of
High Performance Miniature Pumps


  TCS Cooling Fluid
50ml Bottle (Premixed)
100ml Bottle (Premixed)
1000ml Bottle (Premixed)
100ml Bottle Concentrate (Mix with water 1:10)
  • Improves contact at the interface between heat exchanger and coolant leading to increased thermal efficiency
  • Inhibits corrosion, algae and microbe growth
  • Lubricates pump seals and increases pump life
  • Aids flow through small cross sections
  • Eliminates air lock
  • Suitable for use with all TCS Micropumps

Data Sheet


TCS-124 Miniature heat exchanger (radiator)
  Miniture Heat Exchanger Small
  • Size 45x25x9mm
  • 24x cooling elements
  • 2.4mm tubing connector
  • Suitable for M100 and D200 series pumps


TCS-330 Miniature heat exchanger (radiator)
  Miniture Heat Exchanger Large
  • Size 75x50x9mm
  • 90x cooling elements
  • 3.2mm tubing connector
  • Suitable for M200 and M400K series pumps

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