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High Performance Miniature Pumps


October 2017

TCS MICROPUMPS selected for use when breaking the Electric RC Boat outright speed record

A small team in Germany 'JAGS Hydro' have just broken the outright speed record for an electrical powered RC boat, setting a a new speed record of 314 km/h or 195mph.

One of the biggest problems faced by the team was how to keep the exceptionaly powerfull motor and batteries that are required to acheive these speeds cool. With its small form factor, light weight, low power consumption and exceptional pumping performance the team chose to use the M200 pump from TCS micropumps to acheive this.

You can see the team setting the record on YouTube here


September 2017

TCS MICROPUMPS selected for use at the Americas Cup

TCS Micropumps revolutionary 'R pump' technology was specially selected for use by all teams at the recent Americas Cup finals in Bermuda.

The America's Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy in the world. The cup was originally awarded in 1851 by the Royal Yacht Squadron for a race around the Isle of Wight. The most recent running of the event was held at “The Great Sound” in Bermuda and was eventually won by “Emirates" Team New Zealand


August 2017

TURBOTECH at the Paris Airshow

By combining a tailor made high-performance turbine with their proprietary cost effective light weight heat exchangers and TCS Micropumps high performance gear pump technology TURBOTECH is merging the reliability and performance of turbines with the low fuel burn and cost effectiveness of piston engines.


June 2017


The computing performance of aircraft is effectively capped by the speed at which heat can be removed from critical components and transferred to heat exchangers.

In conjunction with BAE Systems at Rochester TCS Micropumps developed their ART system for inclusion into the HEEDS development project. Part of the HEEDS (Harsh Environment Electronic Device Systems) program was specifically targeted at cooling systems and was the perfect platform upon which to test the ART system

ARTS exceeded all performance expectations and successfully passed the environmental requirements of the HEEDS testing program. This included overpressure, rapid decompression, vibration and extreme temperature and humidity cycling.

This has validated not only the exceptional ability of the ARTS system to move heat but also its suitability for use within an aerospace environment.

April 2017


In their first season of British Touring Car racing the TCS MIcropump sponsored Team BKR made such an impact with Aron Smith driving, that the world renowned slot car manufacturer Scalextric have chosen there VW Passat as the inspiration for a new car in their range.

Complete with its TCS MIcropumps logo !

December 2016

The Elicit consortium to which TCS Micropumps are key contributors, held their third and final workshop at Thermag VIII in September 2016

TCS Micropumps have successfully developed the MG1000 gear pump to a level that surpasses the requirements of the magnetic refrigeration system. It is a small, precision pump that with its seal-less, brushless design has proven reliability and durability. In parallel, TCS Micropumps also developed the all new “R” pump, that has significant advantages over all other pumps, with a low environmental impact and production costs

On this occasion the Thermag VIII conference was held in Turin (Italy) and was attended by approximately 200 delegates that specialise in magnetic refrigeration.

To find out more you download the latest Elicit news letter here

Or copies of the presention slides can be downloaded from

December 2016
NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Second Generation gear pumps

The high pressure MG gear pump range has been a huge technical and commercial success for TCS Micropumps. Increased demand has now driven the development of the second generation variant.

The new MGD range keeps the unique, long life, sealless, design principles of the original but encapsulates them into a case utilising many stainless steel and PEEK components. This has further extended the life of the pump and increased its chemical resistance 'capability's plus the new cable connector makes oncorportaing the design into your equipment much easier.

To find out more click here


October 2016
NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - EQi governing pump controller

Driven by the constant desire to create the best pumps in the smallest, lightest and most cost effective package the team at TCS Micropumps have come up with a whole new range of pump controller.

Suitable for all the TCS Micropumps that utilise a brushless drive motor and that do not have their own inbuilt controller the new EQi unit can significantly improve the pumps performance. By controlling the pumps flow output it is able to give more power to the pump as the pressure increases, so flattening a pumps pressure/flow graph and giving your systems a much more linear flow output.

To find out more contact the team at TCS MIcropumps or visit our motor controller product page here


October 2016
NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - D250-LF liquid fuel pumps

Driven by the expanding UAV market TCS MIcropumps have developed the new D250-LF liquid fuel pump range.

Available in two versions, using either a super efficient 'coreless' DC motor or a long life 'brushless' motor that has its own inbuilt brushless controller it should be your first choice fuel pump in any application where size and weight are your key criteria

To find out more visit our D200 series product page here


December 2015
TCS Micropumps awarded
National Aerospace Technology Program 'NATEP' grant
The computing power of aircraft is effectively capped by the speed at which heat can be removed from critical components and transferred to heat exchangers.

TCS Micropumps have been awarded a NATEP grant to develop their patented 'ART System' which will enable UK Aerospace companies to utilise unsurpassed computing performance by being able to transfer heat energy away from high power density devices, rapidly and reliably.


NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - M410 Extra long life liquid pump

TCS Micropumps have released a new M410 series liquid pump range offering the same performance as the proven and well establish M400 pump range but designed to be even smoother running, ultra quiet and offering extra long life.

To find out more visit our M410 product page here


July 2015

TCS Micropumps have released a brand new gas pump design offering very high flow rates in a small size.

To find out more visit our D10K product page here


July 2015

TCS Micropumps are pleased to report that they have won a contract to develop a custom, bespoke pump for use in the International Space Station.

To be used in a specific instrument called the 'Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor, SAM' the system is expected to be launched in 3 years time.


January 2015
. Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology

TCS Micropumps are pleased to report that they are part of a group of highly qualified industrial and academic research organizations who were specifically chosen to help bring magnetic refrigeration from a laboratory scale technology to a high volume marketable product.
The 3 year research project, begun in January 2014,

For further information see the Elicit website

The latest Elicit news letter is available for download here


24, October 2014




Accurate, Dependable Performance..
30 x 30 x 65mm)

  • Precise
  • Valve-less
  • Reversible
  • Self Priming
  • Intelligent control
  • High Performance
  • Flow control ON/OFF
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Whisper quiet
  • Brushless drive
  • Dry Running
  • Seal-less
  • Gas and Liquid

Patent App No 1410814.6


The new 'R' pumps from TCS Micropumps provide you with unrivalled features and performance that will allow you to leave your competition in the past

If your company uses diaphragm or peristaltic pumps, choose the many features, benefits and performance of this ground breaking, patented technology and move ahead of your competitors.


24th October 2014




Accurate, Dependable Performance..
30 x 30 x 65mm)

  • Precise flow unaltered by back pressure
  • Precise dosing
  • Self priming
  • High pressure
  • High flow versions
  • Flow control ON/OFF
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Brush less drive
  • Dry Running
  • Seal-less

Patent App No 1402265.1


The TCS Micropumps "HD" Range of pumps provide precise dosing capability. They can also provide exact flow rates against large variations in back pressure. Consequently these amazing and intelligent pumps can create an impressive "Flat" pressure / Flow characteristic. They are rugged, reliable and long-life with dependable performance.


1st October 2014
TCS MicroPumps Limited are exhibiting at MEDICA, the world’s largest medical sector event, on 12th – 15th November 2014

TCS Micropumps have been selected by Kent County Council to represent Kent business in the UK Pavilion at MEDICA, Hall 16, stand G10-3, Dusseldorf.

The leading designer and manufacturer of high performance miniature pumps will be showing their new range of pumps which are extremely well suited to medical applications and devices.

TCS have successfully designed for custom applications including wearable dialysis, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and other medically related devices where miniaturisation and portability are important.

MEDICA sees more than 132,000 trade visitor from 120 countries across all contents.  Hosted in Dusseldorf, Germany the exhibition centres covers approximately 116,000m2 of exhibition space; this is by far the largest medical event in the world.

TCS are interested in meeting device manufacturers as well as potential distributors to cover all geographies.

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