Design and Manufacture of
High Performance Miniature Pumps


The new 'R' pumps from TCS Micropumps provide you with an unrivalled combination of features and performance that will allow you to leave your competition in the past.

Self priming, Valveless, Reversible, Small, Quiet, Robust, capable of pumping both liquids and gases, Good vacuum capability...

If your company uses diaphragm or peristaltic pumps, choose the many features, benefits and performance of this ground breaking, patented technology and move ahead of your competitors.

General Size Weight Operating Temp IP Rating
R400BL 32 x 32 x 66 166grms 0 to 100 deg C IP67
R400BL-M 32 x 32 x 66 166grms 0 to 100 deg C IP67

with EQI controller

Input Voltage
Power Usage
Max Pressure
Max Free Flow
R400BL 6.0 - 30.0 0.1 - 20 W 2.0 Bar 400 mLpm
R400BL-M 6.0 - 30.0 0.1 - 20 W 2.0 Bar 400 mLpm


Standard pump only

Brushless Drive - Viton Seals
£175.00 GBP

Standard pump with an integral brushless drive motor


Brushless Drive - Viton Seals
Complete with EQi Controller

£225.00 GBP
Data Sheet

Engineering Drawing


Chemical Compatibility


Accessories - Brushless Control Units

EQi-R Brushless micropump control unit for the
R pump range

  • Input Voltage 12- 30Vdc
  • Designed to be installed in-line with the pump’s own wiring
  • Flow can be controlled via an onboard Pot. or a 0-5v signal
  • Reversable
  • Dimensions 24x57x17mm
  • Operating Temperature 0 → +80°C
  • Weight 14g
  • Number of Outputs 1


Data Sheet

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