Design and Manufacture of
High Performance Miniature Pumps

TCS Micropump manufactures a standard range of patented miniature pumps to satisfy a wide range of requirements. We can configure any of our pumps and systems or provide new, unique solutions developed and tailored exactly to your needs.

New variants and concepts are also designed and developed to suit specific customer requirement by the TCS in-house design and development unit.

If you have a specific requirement that demands a unique pump or system then get in touch.

We can help!

Customisable Products ...  

Thermal Cooling System "TCS"

Your electronics and electrical power system can run faster at higher power with no heat problems using the TCS System ...

TCS Micropumps has developed a patented and totally sealed cooling device with exceptional heat transfer capability. Designed for electrical and electronic applications such as CPU's, motors, power control systems where fans and heat sinks do not provide fast enough heat transfer or sufficient cooling.

A "TCS" device can be designed to fit into your existing equipment and tailored to match your exact requirements.



Integrated Pump Heads

TCS Has developed a range of low cost disposable pump heads that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

The head is then matched to a TCS appropriate quick-fit drive unit which provides efficient, reliable and controllable performance for your system. The system also integrates all connections and eliminates dynamic seals.

The TCS patented system has been used for a dialysis device for a World leading company.




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