Design and Manufacture of
High Performance Miniature Pumps




Self Priming Liquid Pumps
D200-L SERIES Small lightweight micro diaphragm pump range for liquids

A small powerful diaphragm pump designed specifically for liquids.

The completely sealed, oil free pumping chamber make them particular suitable for applications where contaminates cannot be tolerated.
Full Specification


MGD1000 SERIES Small lightweight micro gear pump range for liquids

A range of lightweight 'self priming' pumps suitable for liquids that provide flows of up to 1000mlpm and are capable of very high pressures for such a small device.

Using the TCS developed, seal less drive system, and powered by a brushless drive motor they offer exceptional life expectancy whilst delivering a smooth consistent, almost pulse less flow, through out the pressure range. Full Specification

MG2000 SERIES Small lightweight micro gear pump range for liquids

If you require more flow than the MGD1000 can deliver then you should consider the MG2000. They are capable of flows of over 2000mlpm and yet still able to deliver the same high pressures as the MGD1000

So combined with the TCS developed, seal less drive system and brushless drive motor they offer an excellent level of performance and life expectancy. Full Specification

MGD3000 SERIES High Power micro gear pump range for liquids

The largest in the range of Miniature gear pumps, the MGD3000 uses the same precision CNC machined component design as the smaller pumps in the range but combines it with an ultra powerful, seal less, brushless drive system.

Capable of the same high pressures as the smaller pumps and yet able to deliver 3000mlpm, even at pressure. Full Specification


F2k SERIES Accurate and consistent dosing capable pump

The F2k flexible impeller pumps are stepper motor driven and capable of maintaining accurate, smooth and consistent flow rates over a wide pressure and temperature range.

When combined with a programmable stepper motor controller the F2k becomes an accurate and repeatable dosing pump capable of consistent ant performance over a wide range of different operating conditions.
Full Specification


V4000 SERIES Ultra High Performance pump

Developed for the American military the V4000 range of pumps are designed for liquids, and offer exception flow capability, even at elevated opperating pressures

Powered by a powerfull 'Brushless Motor' which is controlled by its own integral controller they produce smooth consistent flow making them particularly suitable for systems where high pressure and flow are required, and yet space and weight are at a premium.
Full Specification


Standard Liquid Pumps

The thing that makes the pumps above special is their ability to self prime, to evacuate the air that's in the system so that they can begin pumping.

If you are able to place you fluid reservoir below the pump, or even place the pump within the fluid reservoir then it might be worth taking a look at our standard liquid pump range as well.


If you have a real need to pump both liquids and gases then consider our range of pumps that can effectively handle both.


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