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  High Performance Miniature Pumps
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TCS Micropumps is fully operational and available to assist you.

Our responsibility is the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers in the critical industries supply chain.
We have put in place all necessary measures to ensure the maximum possible safety of our personnel and products.

You can contact TCS by email or phone at anytime for supply or assistance.

Richard Weatherley
CEO of TCS Micropumps

Latest ...

TCS working along side Phoenix project
The continued development of the F1 Performance air compressor used in the Phoneix project, designed and manufactored at TCS.

V4000 - Exceptional flow at pressure
Developed as part of a project for the US Military the V4000 is a fluid pump capable of high flow rates even with elevated back pressure

Stepper Motor driven R pump for exceptional control over both flow and dose size
The continuing development of the TCS R pump technology has lead to the creation of this highly accurate dispensing pump suitable for a wide range of different gases or liquids

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